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2019 Predictions 1.The Rise of The ChatBot...

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Hello, Quick post today. The first of several short posts about my predictions for the year ahead. So, 2019, only a few weeks away, number one prediction for the year ahead (Brexit aside obviously) is the rise of the chatbot!

So if you've ever used Siri or you've spoken to Alexa or Google then you have already use artificial intelligence and you've already conversed with a chatbot likewise if you've ever been on a website where you are texting somebody backwards and forwards from a customer service point of view, be it either online on a website or through WhatsApp or Slack or even Facebook messenger then there's a really good chance that you have been conversing with a chatbot.

So what is a chatbot, a chatbot is an AI tool that can imitate human conversation either through speech or through text and is becoming more and more common and more more easily available as a really good customer service tool and you can have a simple chatbot that can have an answer ready for frequently asked questions we can really complex chatbots that can you know make hair appointment for you or order product for you et cetera.

This year there has been exponential growth in both businesses that service and provide chatbot facilities and help businesses put in sophisticated facilities and also a rise of obviously businesses that do provide those facilities so I reckon would just at the beginning of the chatbot Revolution although it's already well underway I believe that next year we're going to see a real tsunami of this happening at a huge paste so this has been a bit by a by stealth but we're going to see that escalate in the year ahead.

So I'm going to leave you with Gartners prediction top consultancy firm Gartner have predicted that by 2020 85% of all online customer interaction will be be a chatbot so the future is already here guys game prediction number one 2019 and the rise of the chatbot have a great day

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