• Miriam Simon

2019 Predictions - 3. Black November, Grey December

Hello this is Miriam Simon from PTO. This is Ms Isi - say Hi’   So prediction number three in my 2019 predictions is ... Black November / Grey December.       

So what I mean by that - is that in the run-up to cyber trading next year they'll be a lot of articles written about how damaging to retail trade it is / and there’ll probably be a lot of press in the New Year about how damaging it's been this year -  because of the sheer amount of discounting  and the erosion of Margin for retailers / and also the compression of Christmas trade because of Cyber trading. 

However despite all that - Cyber Trading event will be bigger than ever next year. You’ll see some of the very big retailers running events that can last 2 to 3 weeks even/ And you'll also see lots of other types of businesses -that transact -getting in on the act. You’ll see restaurant chains doing cyber deals / it started this year actually /  hair dressing chains doing cyber deals. Basically anyone that transacts is going to be wanting to get in on the act.

It’s not all doom and gloom Although it will compress seasonal trading again and likely lead to a tougher December - those retailers that are a little bit ‘canny’ and a little bit smart and are offering authentic offers - They will still be able to trade well. 

So prediction number 3 Black November / Grey December.  Bye Bye / Hope you have a great day.

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