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Best Peak Trade - Tip 2

Plan your Store layouts from your customers point of view (not your own!)

Some pause for thought before you put in your winter (peak) layout...

How does the customer traffic your store? Where are the natural pause points? How easy is it to get around the store?

Note it usually takes 6-7 steps for the customer to start to slow down when entering a store. [Those very first arms of product may not be as ‘prime selling space’ as you think] The initial customer sight line is often a diagonal one.

As you know - Stockholding will be much higher at peak - and if there are too many fixtures and too much product, alongside that increased seasonal footfall - it can unintentionally be a massive turnoff for the customer, costing you sales.

Balancing peak stock-hold and customer experience is a real art.

Whilst it may seem obvious to keep the customer front of mind with this - you’d be amazed how often stock pressures can take over.

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