• Miriam Simon

Best Peak Trade - Tip 3

Forget the Greeter & get a Goalie !

During Peak you often see ‘front cover’ - ie someone positioned near the door to meet and greet customers.

This is generally seen as both good service as well as a form of security. Acknowledgement’ is also on many ‘mystery shopper’ reports & surveys. Some group retailers even measure their employees on it.

However my belief - Is that if you’re going to invest that extra manpower to meet and greet your customers - It would be equally well spent engaging with customers that are about to leave empty handed because they couldn’t find what they wanted.

Imagine if you invested your time there & ‘saved’ those lost sales. €€€ Even better - measure the sales you save.

I guarantee - you’ll be pleasantly surprised! If you’d like more help getting ready to trade your Best Ever Peak - details of my upcoming workshop are in the comments.

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