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Choosing a Website Creator for your Retail Business

Lots of Retailers have applied and been successful in getting the Trading Online Vouchers.

This is a wonderful support from the Local Enterprise Offices.


Building your digital store 💻 is a serious business milestone.

And it’s therefore important that you choose carefully when selecting a website creator. After all, this could be a very long term relationship.

Some considerations that should contribute to your decision here;

✅ Portfolio/ Past work - The look feel and quality of other sites they’ve built

✅ User Experience - How easy are those sites to navigate & use?

✅ Testimonials - What do their previous website build clients say about them? / Check their testimonials

✅ Site Usability – How easy will it be to use post handover?

✅ Connectivity - How easy will connectivity to Social Media be (for social commerce)?

✅ Control - Who will control what, once the site is ‘live’?

✅ Ongoing cost - What will your ongoing costs be?

Very Important❗ - How do you want to use your website?

For example it isn’t always necessary to upload every single product. Think about how you can use your website presence to drive traffic into your store as well as drive sales online.

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