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Now that things are opening up again, let's all support our Nation's Tourism and enjoy a Staycation this year.😎🏝

This will give our hotel industry in particular - a huge opportunity to take back some share from AirBnB!!

Quick look at what we're probably seeking in a trip within our gorgeous Country?

We'll be looking for;

💫 Reunion

💫 Adventure

💫 Events

💫 And we will still want to do Business!

In addition to all of the above - As Consumers, we will be looking for VALUE.

That means fairly priced hotels. Not super cheap or eye-wateringly expensive. Rather - fairly priced and a great experience.

Good Luck to all our hoteliers who are now opening and hopefully experiencing a business surge! 🙌🏻 Here’s hoping the weather improves and is as good in the coming months, as it was during lockdown!

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