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Working from Home

Quick message.

Now that we’re all working from home.

And - quite a lot of businesses that I’m talking to have ‘paused’ their business or closed the doors. Or - they’re trading as best as they can - from their living room.

Just a message to say - that the good thing about this - as much as there can be in this rotten situation - The good thing is that everybody is in the same boat.

Which is an amazing leveller.

And that also means that there’s going to be extraordinary appetite at the other side of this to get everyone moving again at the other side of this. And there WILL be another side of this!

So! Is there an opportunity for you to use this time to really look at your business. And to get ready to hit the ground running.

Because the other side of Covid19 - Well it’s going to be a different marketplace.

So you have a really good opportunity to be quite agile here. Quite smart. And to use this time. To rest , recuperate. Remember that you’re not the only person that’s in this situation. And also to think about what you can do to make sure that you’re ready to be successful on the other side.

Just a thought/ Thought I’d put it out there. Have a great day!

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