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Retailing through Uncertainty - Time to Thrive

A commercial and practical book, full of real life examples and great advice for anyone in retail that would like inspiration on how to navigate during these uncertain times. Also includes and easy to follow, guided checklist to success.

Miriam doesn't shy away from the key challenges facing retail. More importantly she shows the opportunities available, especially for SME Retail. This book will give you numerous examples of how retailers across the country have adapted and pivoted successfully, and also includes workable and practical tips to help navigate retail trading.


"This is a MUST READ for anyone in Retail!"

Alan MacNamee, Garlanna Cards

"Miriam Simon is THE Retail Growth Expert in my opinion. I’ve also seen first-hand the impact she has had on businesses of all sizes. This book has hugely valuable insights for any retailer looking to thrive in a volatile, uncertain world."

Shane Cradock,

”Miriam's knowledge and experience in retail is exceptional, and the service she provides has been extremely valuable to the Kilkenny Group. Miriam immediately had an impact on our sales by positively challenging what we do and how we do it”

Marian O Gorman, Kilkenny Group

“I’m proud to be one of the retailers referenced in this book. These are TRUE stories! This lady really knows Retail !!”

Kevin McAllister, Kevin McAllister Electrical

"Miriam is a hugely experienced retail consultant offering a dynamic approach to her retail clients. Having worked with her for over two years, we can easily attribute our recent trading successes to Miriam’s support and guidance. Miriam’s new book ‘Retailing in Uncertain Times’ is an essential read and a fantastic source of support and inspiration for anyone in retail. Running a retail business can be a lonely place but Miriam’s empathy and understanding of the retail world is very comforting"

Billy O’ Reilly, Wicklow Hire and O’ Reilly Expert Hardware

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